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Karma Bliss / Ameythist Divine Power necklace

Ameythist Divine Power necklace


Beautiful petite natural raw Amethyst pendant on brown cotton cord.

The Karma Bliss Divine Power Necklace covers its wearer with an energy of protection, purification and divine connection. It’s simplicity allows for it to be worn while engaging in an active lifestyle or when wanting to keep the focus entirely on its powerful crystal pendant.

Amethyst carries a strong vibration of protection, enhanced spirituality and balance. Resonating strongly with the Third eye and Crown Chakras, It invites the energy of spiritual power, overcoming addictive behaviors and enhanced intuition to its wearer.


*Because of their origin in nature, the pendant stone chosen for your order may vary slightly in size and shape from the picture and contain some natural inclusions that are visible from within the crystal.

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Additional information

Weight .0625 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x .5 in

Amethyst Crystal approximately 1 inch long with gold plate (sizes vary due to organic nature of the pendant) // Cotton Cord 29-30 inches long and adjustable


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