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We are officially open for exploration!

If you’re reading this, thinking about how you saw me snap teasers about the brand here and there but have no idea what you just clicked your way into, well here we go…

 Karma Bliss is a retail and lifestyle brand centered on four methods of self-exploration and-discovery: Meditation, Crystal Healing, Vision Boarding and Journaling. A go-to outlet for those seeking more from themselves and their lives, we offer a variety of approachable resources for personal and spiritual growth, including custom-made products (jewelry, crystals, vision boards, meditation chairs, meditation kits, journals), articles, events, videos and tutorials.

Karma Bliss is both a place for you to begin and to find guidance along the way as you explore yourself and your unique meaning of life.

Now a little bit about me. Since as far back as I can remember I have been addicted to transformation. I have always fascinated by the ways people expressed their beliefs and came into themselves. From movies, to books to conversations, the themes I found myself connecting to more then anything were the ones where some catalyst for change led people on an adventure that brought them to a more evolved version of themselves. So when I found myself going through challenging times several years ago and feeling more restless then ever in my life and career, I decided to take the business of my spirit more seriously by peeling back the layers, cultivating peace and moving closer to myself through silence.

My journey led me to all sorts of places, from meditation retreats to mountain top shamanic ceremonies  to mystic shops in hidden places. And while I was up for the call to adventure,  I longed for a resource that I could turn to where I would be connected to the tools that I sought and be able to have conversations and experiences alongside people who were looking for similar things and fearlessly doing the work.

Karma Bliss is that place. We are demystifying advanced spiritual concepts to help you find personal solutions and connecting you with real tools as you begin your self discovery.

So poke around the site, check out some of our beautiful pieces and connect with us on social. To quote my favorite poet Rumi, “Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot; seek the path that demands your whole being.”


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    I saw your spot on KPRC this morning while I was home in bed dealing with a health issue. I used to meditate daily and found it to be very helpful with calming my ADHD mind but recently have gotten away from it. You may have motivated me to start again. I will check out the site and see what I can discover.