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You may get messages to update in the dashboard for wordpress ignore them & DO NOT UPDATE!!! Do not update any plugins either. This can mess up the site!!!


If there is an important update that you need I will do it for you just to be on the safe side. Since the plugins are 3rd party they are not always updated to work with the latest version of wordpress/woocommerce. Updating the wordpress system, a theme or plugin can cause a conflict if they aren’t compatible. I keep track of important updates so when there is an update that you need I will perform it for you and make sure everything is in working order.


Creating a blog post and page are pretty much a similar process. With a page you do not need to add a featured image or add any categories or tags.

From the wordpress dashboard visit the tool menu on the left of the page. Click POSTS and then ADD NEW. (Creating a page just click PAGE and then ADD NEW)

  1. Title your post.
  2. Select a category
  3. add tags
  4. add a featured image (must be no smaller than 1300px wide but 1400px is preferred)

You may ignore any of the settings boxes under where you type your blog post. They are settings that control the look of the page unless of course you wish to change something for that particular page.







product title & description 00m:19s mark

product category & tags 00m:42s mark

product images & gallery 00m:58s mark

product type (affiliate vs variation) 01m:26s mark

create a variation & attribute 02m:10s mark

product notes for customer 04m:00s mark

product color swatch icons 04m:20s mark

publishing your finished product 06m:36s mark


you can visit the videos youtube link and the time jumps are in the description box to make getting to certain parts of the video quicker.



In the dash under woocomerce/ORDERS you will see a list with columns

Most of the processing for orders is automatic. Once an order is placed and payment is made the order will show as “processing” when you have shipped your item, add tracking to the order you will then need to mark it “completed” this will close the order and send the customer an email notice that it has been completed.

On hold: usually means that paypal is holding the funds because the customer filed a claim or dispute.

Canceled: means the customer decided to cancel the order instead of finishing the check out process

Refunded: will show any orders that were marked on hold and refunded through paypal.


We have already gone over the shipping label process. Just remember you have to view the order and create the label from with in the orders page. The payment for creating the shipping labels is connected to your account.