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Crystal Therapy

Why Crystals Help

The energy of the planet is in all things that the earth creates. Our bodies get energy from food and water. Our homes can be powered with wind and sun. Crystals retain the energy of the earth and you harness that energy by wearing them, placing them in your home, or even carrying them in your pocket.

When Crystals Help

When You Know What You Want - Your crystal is like an energy pack. Directing that energy towards a specific goal can help you achieve success, whether that be in love, in work, or in changing yourself.

When You Need Protection - Energy is power, so use the strength of crystals to protect yourself from destructive thoughts, hurtful relationships, and bad habits.

What to Expect

Expect change. It could be dramatic. It could be subtle. It will manifest in your mind or in your emotions. Or you may see it around you, in your relationships or your work. You can then add new crystals as you understand how they impact your life.

How to Begin

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Visit a crystal shop to hold some in your hands, or research crystals online. Is there a crystal that you feel connected or drawn to? That’s the best one to start with.

Hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and then picture what you want this energy to achieve, whether it be succeeding in a goal, giving joy, drawing something to you, or providing protection.

Start here to learn about different crystals and find those that give the type of energy you need. Use citrine to focus during meditation, sunstone for some extra confidence in an interview, or place a rose quartz on the nightstand for some love vibrations.

Like all things on earth, your crystals get power from the sun, so give them some time in the sunlight to recharge.

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