The unexamined life is a life unlived

What would you like to learn?

  • Journaling

    It’s not about recording your day. It’s about starting a conversation. One you have with yourself. Where you can be open, honest, direct, real. You know how they say dance like no one's watching? Time to write like you’re the only one reading.

  • Meditation

    Imagine throwing a switch that illuminated the inside of your mind and turned off the outside world. That gave you the ability to focus, calm, think clearly, remember, and heal. We all need peace and perspective. Meditation is the path to get there.

  • Crystal therapy

    Hold a crystal in your hand and you hold the energy of the earth. That same energy that shifts continents and raises volcanoes can be used to manifest your desires, strengthen your spirit, or find the love you deserve. It’s time to move mountains.

  • Vision boards

    This will be your work of art. One created from your heart, that expresses your dreams, that inspires and focuses you. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, you can manifest what you create. You don’t have to make it pretty, just make it yours.